Whether you’re looking to develop an individual or an existing team, Adding2it adopts a modular approach. In conjunction with yourselves, we can design & deliver training & development programmes to expand current skills, behaviours and competencies.

Adding 2 your business by……ensuring your employees have the skills to meet the changing needs of your organisation.

Training Needs Analysis

Can Adding2it help you understand the Training requirements of your business?

  • Adding2it can help you design a training needs analysis programme. This can be designed around the following modules:

            ~ Employee interviews                                ~ Competency design    
            ~ Employee questionnaires                         ~ Training dictionary

Training Programmes

Do you need a training programme designed and written, but don’t have the facilities to do it?

  • Adding2it can write and run a selection of courses to suit your business. These include:

            ~ Communication Skills            ~ Customer Service             ~ Train the Trainer
            ~ Interviewing Skills                 ~ Change Management       ~ Policies and Procedures

  • Alternatively, Adding2it can run you own courses on your behalf either at your premises or an alternative location to suit.

Workshop Facilitation

Do you have a contentious or new topic for discussion and could do with an independent facilitator?

  • Let Adding2it be your facilitator for the day. This module offers you an independent, confidential service.
  • Decide the topic and our facilitator will run the day for you, allowing employees to view any thoughts and concerns in an open non intrusive environment.