Whether you are embarking on a transformation or part way through the process and need additional support Adding2it adopts a modular approach. We will add value by quickly understanding the situation and putting strategies in place to guide managers and help employees.  We will ensure the minefield of legislation is adhered to and employees are treated with sensitivity and complete discretion.

Adding 2 your business by……ensuring change programmes go smoothly.

Restructuring Advice and Support

Do you need to understand the legal requirements of handling large or small scale reorganisations? Do you want to check out your processes with an independent advisor?

  • Adding2it can outline the full process to follow to ensure your practices are legally tight.
  • They can advise on best practice methods to adopt to ensure your change process runs smoothly.
  • They can put this advice in to practice by supporting you all the way.

Management & Employee Preparation Programmes

Do you need line managers and employees to attend workshops to understand your organisations’ transformation programme? Do you need these developed or facilitators to coordinate and run your own programme?

Change that is properly communicated to those affected is more likely to be accepted by employees.

  • Adding2it can develop communications and workshops specific to your transformation that will help employees to understand and support the change initiatives.
  • These can be developed for in-house delivery or Adding2it can do the whole job for you.


Do you require support with coordinating and managing the consultation process? 

  • Adding2it will support your consultation process from start to finish. 
  • Adding2it can create standard documents and communications associated with redundancy consultation for you.
  • They can assist with defining selection criteria and support the selection process. 
  • Adding2it can support the Management Team in communicating to individuals and groups.

Career Transition & Outplacement Services

Do you have a service in place to support employees with preparing for interviews?  Do your managers need a toolkit to help them to help their employees?

  • Adding2it understand what individuals need to support them through a difficult life experience. 
  • They can provide training in CV writing, interview preparation, job searching and skills reviews.
  • Adding2it can also provide a toolkit that line managers can use to help them to understand and support their employees.

Refocusing Following Change

Once new roles are in place are you ready to move forward? Do you need assistance with refocusing and re-engaging employees?

  • Adding2it can develop a tailor designed re- engagement programme to optimise performance and productivity as early as possible following a transformation.