When it comes to finding your potential candidates, Adding2it adopts a modular approach. By defining the role, we can ensure the most effective sourcing methods are used to target specifically for your own requirements. 

Adding 2 your business by… finding you quality candidates.

Job Descriptions and Role Profiles

Do you need a clear format of Job Descriptions and/or Role Profiles? Is this a new role or are your current ones in need of updating but you can’t find the time?

  • Adding2it can write your Job descriptions in conjunction with your business.
  • Adding2it have a standard format that allows clear understanding of the job description, key objectives and reporting structure.
  • To develop this further, Adding2it can also offer role profile design which looks at and decides essential skills verses desirables. This criterion is then matched against the people when candidate short listing.

Newspaper Advertising

Do you want to place an advert but need to do it confidentially?

  • Adding2it can support you in writing the advert, recommend suitable publications to maximise the impact of your advertisement and attract potential candidates within your area.
  • Adding2it can advertise in partnership with yourselves, or alternatively on your behalf.

On-Line Advertising

How can you find the maximum number of potential candidates?

  • Reach more potential candidates through the internet. Let Adding2it write the advert, recommend the best sites to hit and advertise in partnership with you or on your behalf.

Response Handling

Do you find response handling time consuming and draining on your resource?

  • Let Adding2it handle that part for you. Adding2it offer a confidential service that logs all candidate responses, sends acknowledgements to all candidates, produces letters for all candidate responses and finally produces client lists for you specifying candidate details.

Candidate Short listing

Do you find that large recruitment campaigns end up a paper chase nightmare?

  • Adding2it’s Candidate Short listing module will take the CV’s and produce a list of all candidates matched to the relevant job criteria. 
  • Adding2it will also keep all candidates informed of where they are in the recruitment process.